The waters surrounding the Osa Peninsula are recognized as the only locale in the world where humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, from the North Pacific and Southern Ocean geographically overlap (Acevedo & Smultea 1995; Rasmussen et al. 2007; Oviedo & Solís 2008) and Golfo Dulce appears to serve as a calving ground and nursery (Márquez-Artavia et al. 2012, Bessesen 2015 in BIODIVERSITY). Sympatric populations of Pantropical spotted dolphins, Stenella allenuata, and bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, reside in Golfo Dulce (Acevedo-Gutiérrez & Burkhart 1998, Cubero-Pardo 2007, Oviedo 2007). The later species has been photographed with chronic dermal disease (Bessesen et al. 2014). Other cetaceans, including Byrde's whale, Balaenoptera edeni, (Acevedo 1996) and false killer whales, Pseudorca crassidens, have also been documented inside the embayment (Acevedo 1996, Acevedo-Gutierrez et al. 1997, Oviedo et al. 2015).


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