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This website provides references related to the biology, ecology, and marine environment of Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica. Publications are divided by category (bar above) and sub-category (1. Peer-reviewed; 2. Scientific Theses, Reports & Posters; and 3. Other Links) and then alphabetized by author. Simply click the category of interest above and browse the titles. Read an article by clicking its [link]. Publications are listed only once, so be sure to search all appropriate categories (for example, additional faunal data may be found under BIODIVERSITY). serves as a resource for government officials and NGO leaders assessing conservation needs and appropriate management policies. Escalating pressure on the marine ecosystem has increased vulnerability of biodiversity in Golfo Dulce. By implementing sound research and protective strategies, Golfo Dulce may continue to be one of Costa Rica's most important and vibrant marine habitats.